• covers a region of roughly 1579 square km

  • populace of 9.28 million in 2016

  • 75% of the population in Bangkok is Thai

  • about 39 km from the Gulf of Thailand.

  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport & Don Mueang International Airport


To take into account such a differing magnitude of visitors, Bangkok includes the greatest assortment and nature of spots to stay. While numerous lavish inns line the Chao Phraya riverside, where rooms and eateries neglect the stream, the sprawling city highlights the same. Some of the world famous are Hotel Novotel, Hotel Sofitel, Mode Sathorn and numerous more with rates shifts according to crest season from 1000 baht to 8000 baht.

Bangkok is one of the chief urban communities for world-class cooking. A large number of extraordinary Thai eateries from five-star to road stalls, Bangkok highlights the whole range of worldwide cooking styles, a repercussion of its cosmopolitan populace. Ostracize Japanese, Indian, German, Italian, French, Lebanese, and individuals of other nationalities have set up bona fide restaurants all through the city. Zuma, Salathip, Nahm are few among them which serves multi-cuisine dishes.

The greater part of the resorts and additionally restaurants acknowledges multiple payment modes in order to give the best service to their clients.

Country : Thailand

Eco-Awareness and development programs

Eco-Tourism in Bangkok is a flourishing industry inferable from the fact that this visitor hotspot has figured out how to preserve its brilliant natural excellence in spite of crowds of traveler running the promontory. Shorelines, waterways, mountains, valleys and immeasurable green spread lure visitors to this kingdom.

The slopes in the north of Bangkok are abounding with wild creatures, winged creatures and uncommon plants in thick tropical wildernesses. Bangkok has built up an incredible base without devastating its common surroundings to advance eco-tourism. Numerous parks, asylums, secured grounds and UNESCO World Heritage Sites exist for the accommodation of visitors.

Though motorbikes and tuk-tuks cater to the lion's share of transportation choices in Bangkok, shift towards cycle tourism is proliferating these days. There is a galore of tour operators who provide bicycle rental or tours in Bangkok. Eco lodges is yet another option envisaged to promote the serenity and lush green ambiance in Bangkok. Such lodges has helped to bring down the carbon footprint considerably.

Ecotourism lays incredible accentuation on advancing individual experience and ecological preservation. When we litter around where we visit, we are doing our cherished nature an undoable damage. We should be aware of minimizing effect while building ecological and social mindfulness and regard with the goal that we don't burglarize a lavishly lovely Bangkok's enchantment.