• Jakarta covers a region of roughly 661.5 square km
  • Expected population of 10 million in 2016
  • Ethnic groups in Jakarta consist mainly of local Sumatran populace, Batak, Minangkabau and Malays.
  • International Airport of Jakarta is the Soekarno–Hatta Airport



Fully cosmopolitan and crowded with people, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of differences. Home to a huge number of individuals from around the globe, the city is a blend of languages, societies, and riches.

Tourist Information

In case you're going Jakarta for the very 1st time, choosing where to stay in Jakarta can be a difficult task. The assortment of lodgings and their facilities that are accessible in Jakarta is as different as the city itself. Guests of the city can browse a basic losman, or moderate-evaluated 2, 3 or 4-star inn. For the first class voyager or businessperson, there are numerous five-star lodgings, some of which are positioned amongst the best inns on the planet.

In Jakarta, you can discover fine Indonesian food from everywhere throughout the archipelago. What you should know about Indonesian food is that it's for the most part zesty and hence encouraged, to begin with the mellow food. One of the top picks, both for the stylistic layout and the nourishment, is Lera Djongrang. The eatery serves awesome Indonesian food in a delightful setting. Another most loved is Iken Tude Manado, which is truly popular for its fiery delightful fish. In case you're searching for something non-Indonesian Vietnamese eatery and Sana Sini Restaurant are the best.

Abstain from eating at the road or what is usually known as street food. There have been numerous loathsome stories about the hygienic nature of their food and refreshments. Indeed, even the ice that go into beverages can be bound with terrible chemicals.

Country : Indonesia

Eco-Awareness and development programs

Kerihuen National Park is home to a rich gathering of vegetation special to Borneo, offering voyagers an uncommon chance to set out on an experience of ecotourism.

It is among the few places left on the planet where common biological communities, to a great extent untouched by man, still flourish in half of its domain. It is a sanctuary for the traveler who tries to encounter an area where nature and convention have coincided in concordance from time immemorial.

ITTO and the Jakarta's administration are right now finishing the third cycle of the preservation activity, which will likewise work to assist create ecotourism over worldwide vacation spots. Because of the demonstrated result, different nations will proceed with its backing for the undertakings for the following four years. This will guarantee the whole city is carbon free.

Get away from the enormous city frenzy for an anxiety easing door in the detachment of the eco-accommodating Island, where warm oceans offer an approach to sandy shores.