• Tp. Ha Long is famous for the halong Bay which covers an area of almost 1533 square km
  • Halong Bay is made up of approximately 1960-2000 small islands
  • From May to September hurricanes are regular
  • November's sunny blue-sky days and absence of tourists make it the best time to make a direct path here.

Tp. Ha Long

Tp. Ha Long/ Halong Bay

The word Halong’s literal meaning in Vietnam is where the Dragon drops into the ocean' and legend tells that this mysterious seascape was made when an extraordinary mountain monster charged towards the coast, its thrashing tail gouging out valleys and precipices.

The most famous approach to encounter the Halong bay is on a voyage, and obviously, every travel organization and lodging in Hanoi has visits for tourists to offer.

There are numerous bundle visits to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi, Standards on these trips fluctuate extensively while agreeable or even out and luxuries or boats, amazing sustenance and proficient and excited aides might be accessible. Cat Ba trekking is also a famous tourist activity here.

A greater part of them are portrayed by long and swarmed transport ventures, traveler situated sham outings on vessels so that you could swim quicker. The Additional items that resemble can be brief stops for kayaking, visits to caves filled with water and other shady practices.

For an extravagance cruising, an individual would have to spend almost US$220 to experience an overnight trip. Its an unforgettable experience, and especially for the couples who are newly married, this place is the best to have the most romantic night.


Country : Vietnam

Eco-Awareness and development programs

As we all know that Halong bay is one of the most precious assets, UNESCO world heritage owns. Plus, it plays a vital role, both economically and ecologically for Vietnam. Progressing economic improvement, particularly tourism, is setting a ton of weight on the earth of Halong Bay. We trust that creating organizations ought to be joined with ecological insurance gatherings to locate a feasible harmonic environment.

Thusly, the services and products of Indochina Junk are constantly connected with environment assurance through the project, "For a Green Halong Bay" which is done in participation with the Halong Bay Management Board.


With regards to the above-mentioned points, we assume that alongside creating recompense winning services and giving the best relaxation encounters to visitors, Halong Bay will be ensured and safeguarded for future eras; both our own and yours.

Apart from this many other steps are being taken by other eco-awareness organizations to ensure a peaceful and clean environment. Now you know that what to do in Vietnam when you visit it the next time.