How it works For Customers

Thank you for visiting ExplorAll, the marketplace for eco-tours and your adventurous journey through South & East Asia. ExplorAll is committed to finding you the best of the best if it comes to things to do on your exploration of this culturally diverse and beautiful region of the world. Please feel free to click through the website and find out all there is to know about us and the activities offered on this website. Once you have found what you are looking for, and you are ready to book your new eco tour or adventure, then we will be here to help you to make the reservation. When your reservation is accepted by the tour guide, then a reservation fee will be charged to your creditcard as a guarantee of booking. The remaining payment will be paid to the tourguide. Please note that some tours require a deposit payment in advance, this will be mentioned in the full desciption of that particular tour. The bank details for such a deposit will be shared with you by the tour guide direcly.


What we offer

Heading divder

ExplorAll plays an intermediary role in the reservation of activities. This means that we do not execute the activities ourselves. We are merely here to help you find what you want to do and to put you in touch with who offers that, in the country and city where you are going. There are a couple of aspects to our service that are important to know.


We want fair pricing

It is our believe that the price for you, should at least be the same as somebody that books directly with the tour guide offering adventures on ExplorAll. This is very hard to ensure, which is why we need your help. We will try to search the internet for price differences, but this is not always easy. We hope that if you encounter any form of price discrimination that you will immediately report this to us though the Report Abuse page on our website. This way we can talk to the person that offered the activity and convince them to lower the prices. Tour guides that consistently over-price themselves will be excluded from the services of ExplorAll. Please do keep in mind that different prices can only be compared, if the package is exactly the same and offered by the same tour guide. We do allow a price deviation of 5% by which the tour guides can recover any transaction costs.


We offer safe payments

ExplorAll requires a payment of the reservation fee upon final confirmation as a guarantee for that booking. This is to help the companies and individuals that want to promote their activities on ExplorAll. Our website does not handle these payments itself, we have acquired the services of Payvision, one of the worlds leading payment service providers, to do this for us. This means that your Credit- and Debit Card data is perfectly safe.


We do not share data

As a customer of ExplorAll you will be asked to provide us, and the tour guides that offer you the experiences in South & East Asia, some basic information to book through our website. But no need to worry, there is no need to create a profile and we do not share your information with anybody not involved in the reservation. No Profile means No Danger, No Login Data and No Long Term Commitment.


What we hope in return

We want your trip to be unforgettable, in a positive way of course. Happy people tell their friends and write on Facebook or Twitter about what they are doing and what they have done. This is what we hope you will do too. One day after your booking we will send you an email with a link, which will direct you to a webpage that offers you the opportunity to express yourself about your recent experience. Please take a moment and fill out this form, you will be able to tell future explorers about what you did and how you felt about it.

It is also our hope that you will share your experience with ExplorAll. As we will do everything we can to make this a positive one, we are expecting your experience with us to be a happy experience. In case, for any reason within our powers, your experience with ExplorAll is less then positive, then we kindly ask you to contact us about this. If we do not get feedback on the things that are not that nice, then we cannot change this for our future customers.


What is next

This website works very simple, just type in what you want to do, where you are going or where you are, in the search box on our homepage. This will start the search for your next unforgettable experience. Once our computers have finished searching our database, you will see what eco-tours are available on ExplorAll. Every activity offered on ExplorAll will tell you if you will be picked up at your hotel, if there is a centralized meeting place or if you have to go to a specific address. This way you do not have to worry about finding the tour guide that offers the activity. The tour prices listed on ExplorAll are including VAT and there are no additional fees to book through us. A specific overview of what is included in the price can be found in the description of that activity.

When you have found what you are looking for, just click on "Reserve This Trip". After you have filled out a simple form, a request will be send to the tour guide or individual, offering that particular activity. They will get 24 hours to confirm or decline your request. When they confirm then you will get an email with a link to the secured payment page for payment. Please note that this link is only valid for 24 hours too. In case they decline then it will be possible to give the tour guide an alternative date, if not then you have no obligation to continue with your booking.

After payment has been successfully processed by our payment partner, then you will get an automatic email confirming this booking with all the necessary details to have fun. This will include an email address of the tour guide offering that activity and a reservation number. You will need this reservation number and some other information which is provided to you in that email, to confirm the booking with the tour guide. Please don’t lose this email, if, for any reason possible, you cannot make it for the reservation, then there are cancellation policies in place.

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