How it works for Tour Guides

Thank you for visiting ExplorAll. The market place for adventures in South & East Asia. We are here to help you find even more customers, and for the customers to find you! We offer you a place where you can advertise your activities on a no cure no pay basis. So no monthly fees or fixed costs. If we do not achieve successful bookings for your company, then this is absolutely free.


How it works

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The ExplorAll marketplace works very simple. Let's do this step by step

1Register on this website as a Facilitator (Tour Guide)

2Wait for your email with a password and login to your ExplorAll account. Then go to "Add Your Tours Here!"

3Create your advertisements as you want, add the minimum amount of customers, price and your general availability

4Save your new adventure and wait for the Quality Control Team to approve

Please don't forget to fill out the address field, that is how Google knows where to locate you on our map


That is it, you will be notified when your new advertisement is online. You can change, add or remove activities at all times, by logging in and "managing" your activities. Once your activity is on ExplorAll, you can receive reservation requests. You decide at all times which reservation to take and which not, you will have full control over the entire process. As soon as the customer has paid the reservation fee we will email you the contact information of your new customers.

At the moment the reservation is accepted, we charge a reservation fee to the customer. This reservation fee is aquired by ExplorAll as the commission for our services. Untill 01.09.2017 we have a discounted commission , which is 5% of your sales price, the remaining 95% has to be paid directly to you. For more information about pricing and commissions please see Terms and Conditions for Facilitators.


What we expect

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Honest pricing

We will ask you to give us your web address when signing up for ExplorAll. This is so that we can see what prices you offer on your website. We want our customers to feel like they have been treated fairly, and offering higher prices on ExplorAll as anywhere else would not help create an honest and fair service. We will increase your price with 5%, which will help recover most of the transaction costs related to the bookings and is not included in your fee. If we find a lower price for the same activity on your website, or if any of your new customer report price discrimination to us, then we might ask you to lower your price. In case this happens many times then your company might also be excluded from ExplorAll.

We hope you share

ExplorAll is built on the assumption that happy people like to share, share by telling your friends, share by writing on Facebook or share by writing on the internet. This is why we also hope you will write about us. If your experiences with us are happy experiences, then we would like to ask you to write a testimonial on our website. In case, for any reason possible, your experience with us is less than happy, then we would like you to contact us. We can only learn and change if we know about these experiences.

We hope you grow your business

When you get many more customers, you might want to grow the amount of activities you offer. This is what we hope for you. And while you grow, you can also make more advertisements on ExplorAll. The more you have to offer, the more tourists will search for you. ExplorAll is happy to help you with that through our website.


What is next

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The next steps are very simple; you can sign up as a facilitator of ExplorAll by creating a company profile. You will be asked to provide us with some basic information on your business and some information on how we can reach you. Once this profile is created you can start creating advertisements.

Every activity needs a separate advertisement. While every activity might attract different customers and every activity has a different description. Please ensure to make every advertisement as complete as possible, while the better the advertisement the more customers will look at it. You will be asked to upload at least one picture of that activity with a maximum size of 1000X750 pixels, so customers can see what it is you are offering. You will also be asked to tell the customers when you are available in general, this doesn’t mean you have to take each reservation, while you first have to confirm each booking.

Once this advertisement is finished, The ExplorAll content team will review this new activity. We will check for the completeness of the advertisement and also if everything is according to our terms and conditions. After approval by our team you can be getting availability requests from new customers. If a new customer found you and wants to book with you, then they will fill out an availability request. This will include the amount of people, the date and the name of this new customer. You will get an email and an SMS notifying you about a new request. Once you have logged on to your company profile you can see the details of the requests and confirm or decline availability. You will have 24 hours to react to any request, after this time the request will be handled as declined automatically.

If you confirm availability, then the new customer will get 24 hours to pay ExplorAll. If the payment was received in time, then you will get an email confirming the booking. This booking cannot be changed anymore, unless you can come to an agreement with the customer. The confirmation email will contain the email address and phone number of your new customer, so you can contact them directly. If you decline a request, then the customer will receive en email requesting an alternative date within the same week. When the customer selects another date then you will be notified again with the request for approval.

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